Key Features

Elevate Your Business Strategy

Project and Task Management

Task Management

This feature integrates seamlessly with the overall project management framework, linking tasks with broader project goals and timelines.

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gantt chart

Gantt Chart

This feature provides a visual timeline of project schedules, highlighting task dependencies, milestones, and deadlines. It's a powerful tool for planning and adjusting project timelines.

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Kanban Board

The Kanban board offers a dynamic view of task progression, enabling teams to visualize workflow stages and identify bottlenecks quickly. It enhances agility and responsiveness in task management.

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Timesheet System

The integrated timesheet system makes it easy to log hours, track billable time, and monitor team productivity, crucial for project budgeting and resource allocation.

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Detail Project Overview

The Detail Project Overview feature provides a comprehensive snapshot of your project, offering key details such as milestones, progress, and contributors.

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Team Task Management

It offers the ability to assign tasks to team members, set priorities, and track progress, ensuring that everyone is aligned and on schedule.

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Human Resource Management

Employee Management

Effortlessly organize and track employee information, from personal details to work history, streamlining HR processes for effective workforce management.

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Leave Management

Simplify and automate leave requests, approvals, and tracking, ensuring a seamless process for employees and managers to manage time-off efficiently.

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Shift Roster Management

Facilitate the creation and management of employee shift schedules, optimizing workforce distribution for seamless operations.

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Attendance Management

Track and monitor employee attendance, integrating with time-tracking systems to ensure accurate records and efficient payroll processing.

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Holiday Management

Manage and communicate company-wide holidays, ensuring employees are informed about upcoming breaks and facilitating leave planning.

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Employee Appreciation

Implement programs to recognize and appreciate employee achievements, fostering a positive workplace culture and motivating staff.

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Customer Relationship Management

Lead list on UniTaskerPro's lead management system

Lead Management

This system allows for a nuanced approach to lead management. Users can track the origin of each lead, whether it’s from social media, email campaigns, website inquiries.

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Client Management

The design prioritizes user experience, ensuring data is not only accessible but also presented in an organized manner, facilitating quick decision-making.

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Deals Management

The Deals feature lets users track and manage potential and ongoing deals effectively. This includes monitoring deal stages, values, and related activities.

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Sales Automation

From tracking leads to managing sales pipelines and finalizing deals, the system uses sophisticated algorithms to streamline tasks.

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Support Ticket System

The support ticket feature is integral to managing customer issues and inquiries. It allows businesses to track, prioritize, and resolve customer support tickets effectively.

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Quote and Order Management

Users can create and manage quotes directly within the CRM. This feature simplifies the process of providing customers with pricing and service details.

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Financial Management

Proposal Management

Create and send proposals to clients outlining services or products offered, pricing, and terms, facilitating the negotiation and agreement process.

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Estimates Calculation

Generate estimates for potential projects or services, providing clients with projected costs and timelines before finalizing contracts or agreements.

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Invoices Management

Create and send invoices to clients for goods or services rendered, detailing charges, due dates, and payment instructions, ensuring timely and accurate billing.

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Payments Tracking

Record and track payments received from clients, updating invoice statuses and maintaining financial records for accurate accounting.

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Credit Note

Issue credit notes to clients for returned goods or services, providing refunds or credits to their accounts while maintaining transaction transparency.

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Expenses Calculation

Track and categorize business expenses incurred, including purchases, travel, and other costs, facilitating budget management and expense reporting.

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Payroll Management


Simplified Payroll Processing: Add new employees, generate paychecks, and seamlessly integrate time log reports, eliminating manual data entry.

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Flexible Payment Options: Allow your employees to choose their preferred payment method, including bank deposits, checks, cash disbursements, or online gateways.

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Streamlined Salary Management: Manage salaries with ease. Set up monthly, semi-monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly pay schedules. Easily apply salary increments or decrements.

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Recruitment Management

Recruitment Features Of UniTaskerPro

UniTaskerPro introduces a comprehensive Recruitment Management system that goes beyond a simple candidate management system.

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Effortless Job Posting and Management

UniTaskerPro simplifies job posting and management, allowing you to reach a wider pool of qualified candidates.

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Schedule Interviews with Confidence

UniTaskerPro’s online recruitment management system streamlines this process to ensure a smooth and organized experience for both candidates and your team.

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Purchase Management

Centralized Vendor Management:

Maintain a comprehensive database of your vendors, including contact details, purchase history, and preferred payment terms etc.

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Automatic Vendor Credits:

Issue vendor credits directly from purchase orders for returned or incorrect items. This simplifies record-keeping and streamlines communication with vendors.

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Inventory Management:

Track your inventory levels and automate stock replenishment based on purchase order data. This will help you gain better control over your stock and minimize stockouts.

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Asset Management

Comprehensive Asset Tracking & Categorization

From laptops and tools to furniture, inventory, and even intangible assets like software licenses, UniTaskerPro effortlessly tracks everything you own.

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Asset Lending & Status Update

UniTaskerPro eliminates the hassle of manual asset lending. Lend equipment to employees with a few clicks, fostering a collaborative work environment while ensuring clear accountability and streamlined record-keeping.

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