Best Time Tracking Software for your Employee and Freelancers

Need help with manual time entry, inaccurate data, and a lack of insights into your team’s work? You’re not alone. Traditional time-tracking methods can be frustrating and inefficient. But what if there was a better way?

UniTaskerPro is your all-in-one employee time-tracking software solution, built to make things simple and efficient. It makes capturing accurate time data easy, boosting productivity and streamlining Payroll Management.

Say goodbye to:

Endless spreadsheets: Eliminate manual entry errors and save time with our intuitive time-tracking app.

Guessing game deadlines: Track time spent on projects and tasks for better planning and resource allocation.

Payroll stress: Generate accurate time sheets automatically and ensure fair compensation for your team.

What is Time Tracking & Why does it matter to your Business

Think of time tracking like tracking your steps on a fitness app but for work. It simply means capturing how your employees spend their hours, and it’s way more important than you might think!

Why is Time Tracking so important for Business?

Time tracking shouldn’t be a chore. But let’s face it: manual entry errors, switching between projects, and deciphering progress can make it feel like a never-ending struggle. Thus making time tracking a crucial aspect for any business. If time tracking cannot be done properly then the problems that arise are:

Inaccurate payroll data for your staff.

Dull the productivity of the team members

Missing deadlines for projects and tasks

Gain insights from the collected data, Clients or projects

How UniTaskerPro solves common problems regarding Time Tracking:

At UniTaskerPro, we understand the challenges businesses face regarding time tracking. That’s why we created a solution that simplifies things and saves you valuable time and resources.

Here’s how UniTaskerPro tackles common time-tracking problems:

Valuable Data Collection

Forget manual entry mistakes and missing hours. UniTaskerPro offers automated time capture methods on desktop and mobile over the internet.

Enhance project management efficiency

UniTaskerPro keeps you organized by letting you assign time to specific projects, tasks, and subtasks. See exactly where your team's hours go and easily identify areas for improvement. It's like having a personal project map!


Boost team productivity and Project Progress. Get clear visibility with UniTaskerPro's comprehensive reports and dashboards. Track individual and team performance, project budgets, and deadlines all in one place. Stay informed and make data-driven decisions that benefit your entire team.

Improve payroll accuracy for every member

UniTaskerPro lets you process payroll data according to an employee's time log. This means you can hire employees or freelancers on an hourly basis and still get accurate data for your team members. UniTaskerPro is more than just time tracking, it's an investment in your business efficiency and success.

UniTaskerPro's Core Features to Effortless Time Capture:

UniTaskerPro isn't just a feature list; it's a value proposition. Sign up today and experience:​

Time is your most valuable asset. Shouldn’t managing it be effortless and insightful? UniTaskerPro goes beyond basic time tracking, offering a comprehensive and user-friendly solution that caters to your specific needs. UniTaskerPro is more than just software, it’s an investment in your business efficiency and success. Sign up for your free trial today and experience the difference.

Additional Features of UniTaskerPro

Dedicated Work Management Software

Track time spent on specific tasks, monitor project progress against deadlines and allocate resources efficiently. It’s like having a real-time project roadmap at your fingertips!


Improved project visibility: See exactly where time is spent on each task, ensuring projects stay on track. Use Gantt Charts to visualize overall project management, tasks deadlines, etc.

Smarter resource allocation: Identify areas where resources are overloaded or underutilized and optimize accordingly.

Streamlined workflows: Eliminate data entry duplication and simplify project management processes.

Invoicing & Billing:

UniTaskerPro turns your tracked time into invoices with a click. Generate professional invoices based on project hours and set your hourly rates. Say goodbye to time-consuming calculations and hello to effortless billing.


Faster payments: Get paid quickly and easily with clear, professional invoices. You can integrate various payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, PayFast, etc for faster and more secure payments.

Reduced errors: Eliminate manual calculations and ensure accurate billing every time.

Simplified workflows: Streamline your billing process and save time on administrative tasks.

UniTaskerPro: More Than Just Time Tracking, It's Your Business Advantage

UniTaskerPro isn’t just another time tracking tool, it’s your key to unlocking efficiency, boosting productivity, and streamlining your business operations.

Here's how UniTaskerPro sets you apart:

Accuracy you can trust: Eliminate manual entry errors and enjoy reliable data with automated time capture and integration.

Productivity on autopilot: Gain insights into individual and team performance, identify areas for improvement, and optimize workflows for maximum output.

Cost savings that add up: Reduce payroll processing time, eliminate errors, and gain better control over project budgets with accurate timesheets and automated reporting.

Compliance made easy: Meet legal and regulatory requirements with ease by ensuring accurate time tracking and reporting.

* Visualize projects: UniTaskerPro lets you visualize your tasks by showing Gantt Chart and Kanban Board view and lets you track progress through the projects.