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Designed to address the multifaceted nature of sales CRM software, UniTaskerPro provides a streamlined, user-friendly approach. From small startups to large enterprises, UniTaskerPro’s free CRM system equips businesses with the tools to cultivate and maintain valuable customer relationships in a digital world, ensuring every interaction counts.

Elevate Customer Relationships with Our UniTaskerPro CRM

Managing customer relationships effectively is a challenge in today’s vast business landscape.With ever-evolving customer expectations and the increasing complexity of data management, businesses are seeking solutions that simplify these processes and enhance customer engagement and retention.
This is where UniTaskerPro steps in, offering cutting-edge CRM software online. 

free CRM Software for Your Business
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Complete Feature Breakdown of UniTaskerPro CRM

Lead Management

UniTaskerPro CRM helps you track leads! It rates them hot, warm, or cold based on interest. You can see where each lead comes from (social media, email, etc.) so your sales team can focus on the most promising ones.

Lead Management software: UniTaskerPro

Client Management

UniTaskerPro CRM takes the hassle out of client management! Enter, update, and find customer info easily. It’s designed to be clear and organized, so your team can make quick decisions.

client management

Deals Management

UniTaskerPro keeps deals on track! Follow progress (new, close to done) and value. See all related tasks and notes, so your team can spot problems and win more deals.

Deal Management

Sales Automation

UniTaskerPro CRM automates sales! It tracks leads, manages deals, and reminds you to follow up. Less busywork means more sales for your team.

Sales Automation

Support Ticket System

UniTaskerPro’s built-in ticketing system lets you track all customer issues and inquiries in one place. You can easily prioritize and solve problems, ensuring prompt responses and satisfied customers. 

Support Ticket Management

Pipeline Management

The pipeline management feature allows businesses to track and manage their sales processes efficiently. See each step of your sales process clearly. Customize the pipeline to match your business.

Pipeline Settings

Email Features

UniTaskerPro integrates email features directly into the CRM, including sending emails within the CRM system. The system offers customizable email templates and automation options, saving time and ensuring consistency in customer and employee communication.

Email Feature

Chat Integration

The chat integration feature enables real-time communication with clients and project employees. UniTaskerPro’s CRM can integrate with popular chat platforms, ensuring that all customer interactions are centralized and easily accessible.

Chat Integration

Quote and Order Management

Users can create and manage quotes directly within the CRM. This feature simplifies the process of providing customers with pricing and service details.
The order management system tracks customer orders from initiation to completion.

Quote & Order Management

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UniTaskerPro is your all-in-one command center for a streamlined Workload, powerful CRM, empowered HR, and optimized Finances. Take control, unlock success.

User Experience and Interface

UniTaskerPro’s online CRM system is designed with user experience at its core. The intuitive interface makes navigation simple for users of all technical skill levels. This focus on ease of use ensures that businesses of various sizes and industries can adopt the system without a steep learning curve.

The layout is clean and user-friendly, with critical information and functions easily accessible. UniTaskerPro understands that a CRM system is a daily tool for many businesses, and its design reflects a commitment to enhancing daily operations through a seamless and efficient user interface.

Integration and Customization

Wide Range of Integrations:

UniTaskerPro stands out for its extensive integration capabilities with popular business tools and apps. It seamlessly connects with a variety of platforms, including email services, social media, accounting software, and more.

Customization Options:

Users can modify fields, create custom reports, and set unique workflows, allowing the system to adapt to specific business requirements. This ensures that UniTaskerPro can efficiently serve businesses across various industries, from small startups to large enterprises.


UniTaskerPro integrates with Slack to streamline communication for better workflow management. Get notified about every task event and stay in sync, all within your project hub.


Accept secure payments globally with the trusted PayPal integration. UniTaskerPro streamlines your invoicing process and simplifies financial management with your clients.


Accept payments effortlessly and globally with Stripe's flexible and secure platform. UniTaskerPro integrates seamlessly, allowing you to receive payments quickly and easily.


UniTaskerPro integrates with Mollie, the leading European payment gateway, ensuring compliance with regional regulations.


Receive payments securely and conveniently with Payfast, South Africa's trusted payment processor.


UniTaskerPro integrates with Authorize.Net, a popular North American payment gateway, ensuring secure and reliable transactions for your business globally.


UniTaskerPro lets you do cross-border transactions by integrating with Flutterwave, a secure and widely used payment gateway.


Maintain accurate and organized finances with seamless QuickBooks integration. UniTaskerPro automatically syncs data, saving you time and ensuring financial clarity.

Google Calendar

UniTaskerPro automatically syncs tasks with Google Calendar, ensuring you never miss any updates & stay on top of your schedule.

Security and Compliance

UniTaskerPro’s CRM system prioritizes security and compliance, employing the best measures to protect data. The system uses advanced encryption to safeguard information both in transit and at rest. Regular security audits and compliance checks ensure adherence to international standards like GDPR and HIPAA.
UniTaskerPro also features role-based access control, enabling administrators to define user permissions and further enhancing data security. Regular updates and patches are implemented to stay ahead of emerging threats, ensuring that user data remains secure and the system complies with the latest regulatory requirements.

Customer Support and Resources

UniTaskerPro’s CRM system is backed by comprehensive customer support and resources. The support channels include 24/7 live chat, email, and phone support, ensuring users can get assistance whenever needed. Additionally, UniTaskerPro offers a wealth of online resources, such as detailed training modules, webinars, and an extensive library of documentation and FAQs. These resources are designed to help users maximize the benefits of the CRM system, offering guidance on everything from basic setup to advanced features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Curious about how our platform can transform your business? Dive into our FAQ section to find detailed answers to common queries. 

Our CRM goes beyond the basics. With a primary focus on Leads and Clients, it seamlessly integrates with Project and Task Management features like Projects and Contracts, providing a holistic approach to managing your business relationships.

Our CRM is your gateway to a unified business ecosystem. Leads seamlessly transition into Projects, and Clients are effortlessly connected to Contracts. It’s the perfect synergy for efficient business operations.

Unmatched simplicity and integration. Our CRM isn’t just a standalone tool; it’s part of a comprehensive business management suite. Elevate your business with our seamless Leads and Clients features.

Absolutely! Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, our CRM scales with your business. Tailor your CRM experience to fit your unique needs, ensuring efficiency at every stage.