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Embark on an exciting journey with UniTaskerPro as we unveil our upcoming features. Picture a dynamic world where your business operations become even more seamless, efficient, and innovative. Stay tuned for an immersive experience that takes your UniTaskerPro journey to new heights. The future is bright, and we’re bringing you along for the ride!


BioLink Module

This is exciting news for everyone looking to enhance their online visibility! In Q1 2024, we are proud to introduce the BioLink Module – an innovative platform designed to create a personalized bio page. This module offers individuals, businesses, and influencers a unique opportunity to effortlessly showcase their social media profiles and share contact details, making it easier for audiences to connect and explore their online presence. Ideal for boosting digital footprint, the BioLink Module is set to be a game-changer in how we connect online. Stay tuned for its launch, and get ready to elevate your online presence!

Updated Ticket System

Show updated by in ticket

In a crucial update to our ticketing system, we’ve implemented a new feature that displays the name of the individual who updated the ticket status. This enhancement brings greater transparency and accountability to our support process, ensuring users can easily track who has made changes or updates to their tickets. This feature aims to improve communication and provide a clear understanding of the ticket’s progress, fostering a more efficient and user-friendly experience for tracking support inquiries and resolutions.

Client Login

Client contact login

We are excited to announce an essential update to our client panel: the Client Contact Login feature introduction. This enhancement extends login capabilities beyond the primary client user, allowing additional client contacts to access the client panel. This development is a significant step towards more inclusive and flexible user access, enabling better collaboration and streamlined communication among stakeholders associated with a client account. By broadening access, we aim to enhance the overall client experience, ensuring that all relevant parties can conveniently manage and review account details, thereby improving efficiency and client satisfaction.

Shifts for Employees

Multiple Shifts for Employees

We are pleased to announce a significant enhancement to our employee management system: the ability to assign multiple shifts per day to an employee. This new feature provides greater flexibility in scheduling, accommodating our team’s diverse and dynamic work requirements. It allows managers to efficiently allocate resources and tailor work schedules to meet operational needs and employee preferences. This update is particularly beneficial for adapting to varying workloads and shifts in demand, ensuring that we can optimize productivity while supporting the work-life balance of our employees.

Advanced Biometric Attendance Tracking

Biometric Attendance

We are excited to introduce an advanced feature in our attendance management system – integrating Biometric Attendance. This sophisticated update allows for the seamless recording of employee in/out times directly into our software, enhancing accuracy and efficiency. Employees can now mark their attendance via manual software login or automated biometric machines, such as those from ZKTeco. This dual approach offers flexibility in attendance tracking and ensures a more secure and reliable way to monitor employee presence. This integration is a step forward in modernizing our attendance system, streamlining processes, and maintaining precise records for workforce management.


Online exam system

Online Exam System In Recruitment

We are delighted to announce the upcoming integration of an Online Exam System within our recruitment module. This innovative feature will streamline hiring by allowing recruiters to conduct online exams directly within our platform, eliminating the need for external portals. This system is designed to efficiently assess and identify the most suitable candidates for specific job roles. Following the online examination phase, recruiters can streamline the selection process by conducting video interviews directly with Zoom from our portal. This enhancement not only simplifies the recruitment workflow but also ensures a more cohesive and efficient candidate evaluation process, significantly improving the overall efficiency of talent acquisition.

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