Deal Report

Comprehensive Deal Report

The Deal Report feature in UniTaskerPro offers valuable insights into deals or agreements made by the institution. By compiling data such as deal agent, deal outcomes, total deal count, total amount, converted amount, and follow-up activities, this report assists teams in tracking deal progress, identifying potential opportunities, and forecasting revenue effectively.

Deal Agent Overview:

  • The report provides a comprehensive overview of deals handled by each agent within the institution.
  • This overview allows managers to assess individual performance, identify top-performing agents, and allocate resources efficiently.

Deal Outcomes:

  • The report categorizes deals into different outcomes, such as won deals and lost deals, providing insights into the overall success rate of sales efforts.
  • By analyzing deal outcomes, teams can identify areas for improvement, refine sales strategies, and capitalize on successful approaches.

Total and Converted Amount:

  • The report includes data on the total number of deals and the number of deals successfully converted into revenue.
  • This information enables teams to track revenue generation, measure sales effectiveness, and forecast future earnings accurately.

Follow-Up Activities:

  • The report tracks follow-up activities related to each deal, including the total number of follow-ups conducted and the number of pending follow-ups.
  • Insights into follow-up activities help teams prioritize leads, nurture relationships with prospects, and expedite deal closures.