Finance Report

Comprehensive Finance Report

The Finance Report in UniTaskerPro offers users a comprehensive overview of financial transactions within the system over a specified duration. The report includes total earnings, graphical representation, and detailed transaction data such as invoices, payment dates, amounts, and statuses.

Total Earnings:

  • The Finance Report provides a summary of total earnings generated within a fixed duration.
  • This figure serves as a key indicator of the financial health and performance of the organization during the specified period.

Graphical Representation:

  • Users can visualize financial data through graphical representation, such as line graphs.
  • Graphs offer an intuitive way to analyze trends, patterns, and fluctuations in financial performance over time.

Detailed Transaction Data:

  • Invoice: Each financial transaction is associated with an invoice, providing a reference point for tracking and reconciliation.
  • Paid On: Timestamp indicating the date when the payment was made or the transaction was completed.
  • Amount: The monetary value of the transaction, including earnings or expenses.
  • Status: Indicates the current status of the transaction.