Attendance Report

Comprehensive Attendance Report

The Attendance Report within UniTaskerPro offers valuable insights into employee attendance patterns and trends. By compiling data such as attendance status, hours worked, and attendance-related metrics, this report assists in monitoring employee attendance, identifying potential issues, and enhancing overall workforce management. With actionable options for accessing detailed employee information, managers can effectively address attendance concerns and optimize workforce productivity.

Attendance Data Overview:

  • The report provides a comprehensive overview of attendance data for each employee, including present days, absent days, extra working days, hours clocked, half-days, and days late.
  • This overview allows managers to quickly assess individual attendance patterns and trends, facilitating informed decision-making.

Detailed Attendance Metrics:

  • Present Days: Number of days an employee was present at work during the specified reporting period.
  • Absent Days: Number of days an employee was absent from work, whether due to approved leave or unexcused absence.
  • Extra Working Days: Additional days worked beyond regular working hours or scheduled shifts.
  • Hours Clocked: Total number of hours worked by the employee during the reporting period.
  • Half-Day: Instances where an employee worked only half of their scheduled hours for the day.
  • Days Late: Number of days an employee arrived late to work beyond the designated start time.

Employee Details Access:

  • Users can click on an employee’s name within the Attendance Report to access detailed information about their history.
  • This feature enables managers to delve deeper into individual attendance records, review past patterns, and address any recurring issues or concerns.