Time Log Report

Comprehensive Time Log Report

The Time Log Report in UniTaskerPro is a valuable tool for tracking the time spent on tasks by individuals or teams. It provides users with detailed insights into task-related time allocation, enabling them to analyze productivity, identify time-consuming tasks, and optimize time management strategies. The report includes essential data points that facilitates comprehensive analysis and decision-making.

Data Included:

  • Code: A unique identifier assigned to each task for reference.
  • Task Name: Name or description of the task being worked on.
  • Employee: Name or identifier of the individual or team member working on the task.
  • Start Time: The timestamp indicates when work on the task has commenced.
  • End Time: The timestamp indicates when work on the task has been concluded.
  • Total Duration: The duration of time spent on the task is calculated from start to end time.
  • Earnings: If applicable, the earnings associated with the time spent on the task (e.g., billable hours).

Task Details Access:

  • Users can click on a task within the Time Log Report to access detailed information about the task.
  • This feature allows users to delve deeper into the specifics of the task, including its description, associated project, assigned resources, and related documents.