The Dashboard within the Recruit feature provides a quick and informative overview of the entire recruitment process. It is designed to give HR professionals, recruiters, and hiring managers immediate access to key metrics and statuses that are essential for efficient recruitment management. Here’s a breakdown of the elements you will find on the Dashboard:

  1. Total Openings

This metric displays the number of job positions currently open and advertised by the company. It gives a clear picture of the volume of recruitment activity and helps in resource allocation for managing the hiring process.

  1. Total Applications

This shows the increasing number of applications received for all open positions. It helps in measuring the attractiveness of the job postings and the effectiveness of the recruitment outreach efforts.

  1. Total Hired

The total number of candidates who have successfully gone through the recruitment process and have been hired. This metric is crucial for understanding the conversion rate from applicants to hires.

  1. Total Rejected

This figure represents the number of applicants who have been rejected during various stages of the recruitment process. It provides insights into the selectivity and the standards of the hiring criteria.

  1. New Applications

Displays the count of applications that have been recently received. This helps in monitoring the flow of incoming candidates on a regular basis.

  1. Shortlisted Candidates

Indicates the number of candidates who have been shortlisted for further evaluation or interviews.

  1. Today’s Interviews

Shows the number of interviews scheduled for the current day. This real-time insight assists in daily planning and ensures preparedness for the recruitment team.  

  1. Application Source

Provides data on where the job applications are coming from (e.g., job boards, social media, company website etc.).

  1. Application Status

Offers a breakdown of all applications based on their current status in the recruitment pipeline (e.g., new, reviewed, shortlisted, rejected, offer extended, etc.). This overview allows for efficient tracking of candidates’ progress and helps in identifying any bottlenecks in the recruitment process.